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NIH Funding Drug Innovation Dashboard

The dashboard facilitates searching for drugs and their biological targets while offering a comprehensive breakdown of NIH-funded grants from 1999 to 2020, providing insights into funding patterns and categories for drug research.

This dashboard was created to enable the public use of the python-powered search method described from "Spending on Phased Clinical Development of Approved Drugs by the US National Institutes of Health Compared With Industry." Using a drug name and its mechanism of action or biological target, a breakdown of basic and applied research and linked NIH project funding is generated, with the option to download search results.

So this dashboard is a tool that allows for anyone to search a drug (with its biological target) and get a year-by-year detailed breakdown of all NIH funded grants from 1985-2020 that went into the research for that drug. Furthermore, this will also breakdown NIH funding by the amount used for the basic research (the fundamental knowledge around the biological mechanism of action for the drug), applied research (the study of the drug compound itself), and grant type breakdown (government institutions and grant criteria that came with the funding). The tool offers insights into funding patterns and categories for drug research. This also allow users to export of any data output and use for their own research, and this too dashboard can be a tool for future research and collaborations. The dashboard provides a useful tool for researchers, grant writers, and policymakers.

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Our Team
Edward Zhou, Matthew Jackson, Fred Ledley
Bentley University