Enabling Geospatial Research using NERC

Functional Annotation of Variants Online Resource (FAVOR) and Variant Annotator for Large Whole Genome Sequencing Studies (FAVORannotator)

Particle Flow Code 2D (PFC2D v. 7.00) Model using NERC

What is NERC?

The vision of the New England Research Cloud (NERC) is to create a regional resource, rich with world-class cloud computing services. We are building a common cloud framework that is tailored for data-driven discovery and will be available to many institutions in New England.  NERC is part of the Mass Open Cloud Alliance. This sustainable partnership is aimed at bringing together research clusters and technology professionals.  The robust computer science research focusing on cloud technology coupled with strong industry collaboration,  will create the opportunity for the innovation space to flourish and will allow domain scientists to have access to technology not found elsewhere.  This approach sets NERC apart from today’s public clouds and is critical to bridging the gap in skills that are needed for research and teaching professionals. 

NERC Availability

NERC services are available to faculty PIs and their researchers across the MGHPCC member institutions: Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts.

NERC Goals

Build a cost-effective professionally operated on-prem cloud service that includes various levels of services:

  • Self-service Software-as-a-Service for easy access
  • Automated Platform-as-a-Service for custom workflows Standardized
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service that includes emerging technologies for hardware acceleration

Through facilitation we will increase the capabilities of:

  • Researchers and research collaborations
  • The emerging workforce leaving local universities
  • The innovation hubs and start-ups connected to our universities

Set standards of deployment and automation that will allow other institutions to easily deploy the full suite of services built within NERC